Back to work with Emma Dabinett at Army of Mums

Hello from me

Hi, I’m Emma Dabinett, and I’m starting my journey back to work with Army of Mums as Comms Lead.  I’m a mum to two energetic boys and a very cute whippet called Bob. After a busy few years dedicated to looking after my boys, I’m now back to work with Army of Mums, to help mums like me find relevant, flexible work.

Bobby, the family whippet looking concerned about Emma's back to work plan

A typical weekend…

My boys love football & rugby, so much of the weekend is usually spent kicking a ball around with them (I make a great goalie!) and cheering them on at the side of the pitch. I also love it when we go for walks as a family, taking the dog & enjoying the countryside. Even better when it leads us to a cosy pub where we can have Sunday lunch & I can enjoy a cheeky glass of wine!

I also like to enjoy a bit of me-time.  Escaping to the gym to do a combat or yoga class or popping for a run with the dog. It’s so important as a mum to remember self-care, even if you can only fit in 10 minutes of yoga or having a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

What’s your career background?

I’ve actually got a Biomedical Sciences degree, and started my career life in London as a Medical Writer! It seems like many moons ago! I made the move into Marketing in 2001, firstly working client-side in Birmingham. I then moved to London in 2007 to work for a digital agency in Shoreditch. I’ve worked on a number of exciting brands and projects and seen the digital marketing world evolve over the years.

Career highlights

There have been many rewarding times during my career. From working on market-leading brands and successful product launches to winning new business during my agency roles. A particular exciting highlight was walking the red carpet in Leicester Square with some A-list celebrities when promoting one of our brands!

I’m now most excited about getting back to work with the Army of Mums team, and using my brain and skills again!

What do you miss about work?

I miss the office working environment and having a cuppa or lunch breaks with my colleagues. I also miss feeling a part of a team. When you have to be in the office for a certain time, it gives you a real sense of purpose for the day.  

Biggest back to work fears?

After having some time out to raise my boys, I feel excited but also nervous about going back to work. It will be a challenge to achieve a work-life balance that makes not just me, but the rest of my family happy. I don’t want to neglect anyone!

Why Army of Mums?

Now based in Royal Leamington Spa with my family, my responsibilities at home are varied. From doing the school run, helping with homework and cooking up healthy meals for my two boys, to walking the dog and general household chores.

Back to work for me means finding a role that’s flexible enough to fit with my family life. Joining Army of Mums as Comms Lead means that I can work whenever and wherever best suits me, whilst also being there for my boys.

We’re all passionate about finding flexible work to help mums get back to work. And these days, it should be so much easier for mums to find skilled work that fits around family commitments.

Keep in touch

We’d love to hear what flexible working solutions work for you and how you make them work.

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