Accountant needed for an SW6 digital start-up – CLOSED

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The Accountant Role:  POSITION FILLED

An experienced businesses accountant who can consult for London SW6 digital start-up that’s yet to launch.

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It would be great if the applicant was used to working with start-ups as they need to bring rigour to P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow and day-to-day reporting/bookkeeping processes. A potential requirement for experience with Sage Accountancy Tools – but no biggy as a professional accountant will pick it up easily.


Flexible and for negotiation.  Initially, a couple of day across two weeks to bring shape to the numbers and processes. And then, no more than one day a week and could be fewer once things get going.


For negotiation. But this is a pre-launch start-up so it will be lean initially.

Accountant qualifications:

Life + accountancy experience essential.  But please advise us why your professional qualifications are right for the task at hand.


The team live in London, Fulham SW6 and work out of White City W12

Providing they live near to those postcodes, the team are very happy to meet at the applicant’s home if, going forward, that makes face-to-face check-ins easier.

The company:

It’s a little under-wraps at the moment.
We can share that it’s a lean start-up with a project that will help families and nannies find each other.  And other projects are in the pipeline that will help families.
There is a wealth of digital and marketing experience in the team (of two!) but financial experience and stewardship are not strong suits. 
Basically, a boss is needed when it comes to the numbers!

The Ideal Accountant:

The team would love to find someone that’s stepped out of their professional career (potentially for a while) but who would like to re-engage with a more flexible, consultancy type role within a small team.  Perhaps even someone who is looking for a side hustle to family life or who is looking for a mini-challenge now kids have flown the nest?

They are likely to have worked for a start-up / small business or a marketing/agency type role, managing the firm’s accounts.


If the above is of interest, please do send an email to along with your CV and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or a covering note for review.
We leave it to you on how to best show why we are in safe hands.

The next stage is a telephone interview or local meet-up to explore the fit.

Why not?

If you’ve read this and feel the role would be a walk in the park skills-wise but you’re too ‘out of the game’ to get it – please do get in touch. We’d love nothing more to benefit from that depth of experience.

Back to work with Emma Dabinett at Army of Mums

Emma and her two boys making a back to work plan

Hello from me

Hi, I’m Emma Dabinett, and I’m starting my journey back to work with Army of Mums as Comms Lead.  I’m a mum to two energetic boys and a very cute whippet called Bob. After a busy few years dedicated to looking after my boys, I’m now back to work with Army of Mums, to help mums like me find relevant, flexible work.

Bobby, the family whippet looking concerned about Emma's back to work plan

A typical weekend…

My boys love football & rugby, so much of the weekend is usually spent kicking a ball around with them (I make a great goalie!) and cheering them on at the side of the pitch. I also love it when we go for walks as a family, taking the dog & enjoying the countryside. Even better when it leads us to a cosy pub where we can have Sunday lunch & I can enjoy a cheeky glass of wine!

I also like to enjoy a bit of me-time.  Escaping to the gym to do a combat or yoga class or popping for a run with the dog. It’s so important as a mum to remember self-care, even if you can only fit in 10 minutes of yoga or having a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

What’s your career background?

I’ve actually got a Biomedical Sciences degree, and started my career life in London as a Medical Writer! It seems like many moons ago! I made the move into Marketing in 2001, firstly working client-side in Birmingham. I then moved to London in 2007 to work for a digital agency in Shoreditch. I’ve worked on a number of exciting brands and projects and seen the digital marketing world evolve over the years.

Career highlights

There have been many rewarding times during my career. From working on market-leading brands and successful product launches to winning new business during my agency roles. A particular exciting highlight was walking the red carpet in Leicester Square with some A-list celebrities when promoting one of our brands!

I’m now most excited about getting back to work with the Army of Mums team, and using my brain and skills again!

What do you miss about work?

I miss the office working environment and having a cuppa or lunch breaks with my colleagues. I also miss feeling a part of a team. When you have to be in the office for a certain time, it gives you a real sense of purpose for the day.  

Biggest back to work fears?

After having some time out to raise my boys, I feel excited but also nervous about going back to work. It will be a challenge to achieve a work-life balance that makes not just me, but the rest of my family happy. I don’t want to neglect anyone!

Why Army of Mums?

Now based in Royal Leamington Spa with my family, my responsibilities at home are varied. From doing the school run, helping with homework and cooking up healthy meals for my two boys, to walking the dog and general household chores.

Back to work for me means finding a role that’s flexible enough to fit with my family life. Joining Army of Mums as Comms Lead means that I can work whenever and wherever best suits me, whilst also being there for my boys.

We’re all passionate about finding flexible work to help mums get back to work. And these days, it should be so much easier for mums to find skilled work that fits around family commitments.

Keep in touch

We’d love to hear what flexible working solutions work for you and how you make them work.

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Work-life balance and starting your business

otswold Pure Botanicals Candles

Our first in a new blog series that celebrates mums who have started a business in pursuit of a better work-life balance.

Hi, I’m Sally-Anne Guibert, mum of two young scoundrels and founder of Cotswold Pure Botanicals. We’re a range of luxury scented candles, which are free from any nasties. I had been burning candles for years, even at the breakfast table. So when I heard that lots of mass market candles contained toxic ingredients, I was convinced there must be a better way. With that in mind, I embarked on making candles containing nothing but pure, natural ingredients and a new business was born.

Sally-Anne Guibert and her two boys

The world after children

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak. As a kid, I’d be making crafts and selling them in the front garden. Or putting on plays and charging the poor neighbours for tickets.

After leaving the professional work of marketing to have children, followed by a house move to a new area, it was difficult to go back to my old job, so I needed to get creative again!

After trying a few things, I knew that I was seeking a job that not only stimulated my mind but would also fit into the to-ing and fro-ing of kids and could work with all the school holidays (which I had calculated to be about a quarter of the year, gulp!).

The hands-on approach

Being a hands-on kind of person, someone who likes to create and make stuff, I combined that with my love for nature and the great outdoors and Cotswold Pure Botanicals was born.

I began making non-toxic candles inspired by the glorious countryside of the Cotswolds. I was now a chandler (haha!). But it turned out that I was also a marketer, writer, salesperson, the IT lady, cleaner, cook… basically the everything person. Of course, I was, that’s what it’s like in the early days of a business.

Candle being lit

A new work-life balance

Working on Cotswold Pure Botanicals allows me to manage my day as I see fit.  I can choose when and how to mould my work-time around my life.  And it’s great to be able to go to the Family Assembly or sports day, and then make and market my candles in the evening. Flexibility and work-life balance are such valuable commodities.

But it does take discipline.  There’s always 101 things to do, so striking the right work-life balance takes good prioritising and planning. I always start the day with a list of the things I need to get through and then build a structure.  Things may chop and change – and some things may not get done – but having a structure ensures I stay productive and keep on top of everything.

Giving it a go

It’s early days yet, but I’m optimistic. I’m growing the business in line with my own aspirations and that of my family. And my business has the potential to be as big or small as I want it to be. But most important of all, I’m in control of my work-life balance.

My advice to any budding entrepreneurs would be to give your idea a go. Do your research before you begin, go slowly, don’t rush too much and if something works do more of it. And finally, get loads of honest feedback so that you can improve your offering all the time.

Warm wishes Sally-Anne x

What’s your candle?

To find your favourite Cotswold Pure Botanicals luxury non-toxic candles, visit or follow on Facebook @cotswoldpure

Cotswold Pure Botanicals Rage of candles

We’d love to hear from you

If you’re a mum who has started a business or you have any tips on finding the right work-life balance please get in touch with

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Debunking the 7 most common Virtual Assistant myths

Amanda Johnson, the owner of, lifts the lid on 7 Virtual Assistant (VA) myths and offers advice on how to get a VA career going.

Amanda Johnson - owner of

‘There are many Virtual Assistant (VA) myths out there, designed to prevent you from making your VA business dreams a reality.  If you’re looking to become a VA and start your own VA business, here are the 7 VA myths along with the reality behind them.

Virtual Assistants are all stay-at-home mums

This VA myth is all about stereotyping the VA! The VA industry doesn’t just comprise of stay-at-home mums! VAs come from a diverse background of skills and niches, as well as ages and personalities. Yes, some are stay-at-home mums – however, there are also young single women, people taking on a second career and those choosing a new direction after redundancy or retirement.

To make a great Virtual Assistant you need an amazing skillset

You do need to have skills that reflect what you’re offering, especially if you’re specialising in that skill. However, many VAs also build a network of associate VAs. This is where they collaborate with other VAs, who can bring in additional skills, the original VA doesn’t have. This enables them to offer their clients access to a wider range of skills, without the need to learn that skill themselves.

The business experience you’ve gained in the past can go a long way to building your own unique range of skills. For example, you may have several years of management or call centre experience – both can stand you in good stead, as a VA. Another important area is that of life experience – never underestimate how important life experience, common sense and resourcefulness are, in the VA role!

Becoming a Virtual Assistant means you’re an employee

If you’re currently trying to get away from being an employee and you’re looking to strike out on your own, this is one of those VA myths that’s designed to keep you stuck. It’s designed to keep your dreams of being your own business owner from becoming your reality, by implying that nothing will change – you’ll ways be an employee.

Unlike employees, VAs work with their clients to achieve a common goal. The VA is responsible for his/her own business too. They can choose who they work with, what they will and will not do, along with what they will charge for that service. If you dislike working with a client, you can choose to end that relationship too, something employees have no choice in.

Anyone can become a Virtual Assistant

Not everyone is suited to the VA role. A VA needs to be proactive if they want their business to thrive. They’re invested in the success of their client’s business, often acting as a business partner or associate. Those who aren’t organised and patient, don’t make great VAs.  And it goes without saying, you need to be a resourceful problem solver and an action taker if you want to be an awesome VA.

Virtual Assistants focus only on administrative work

VAs don’t just carry out the diary and call management. There are many specialist VAs out there – providing everything from graphic design to blog writing, launch management to video editing. In fact, focusing on one area to specialise in will do wonders for your VA business!

The Virtual Assistant market is totally saturated

There may be a lot of VAs out there, but there’s also a lot of businesses! The VA market isn’t saturated. As for those other VAs being your competition – please don’t see them that way.  The VA industry is the most collaborative industry I know.  Other VAs may specialise in different niches to you or even work with different sized companies. Then there are the different physical locations they may work or focus on.  And finally, they may just become a great asset to your VA business – if you looked at expanding your Associate base!

All VAs need to be Entrepreneurs

This one IS true. If you want your VA business to succeed, you need to become both a VA and a business owner. Running your own VA business does mean you need to see it both as a business and your career. This means setting aside time, not just for your client work, but for your own development and that of your business growth too.

When it comes to making the decision to start your own VA business, these VA myths may initially stop you. However, when you look at the facts behind those myths, you’ll see that most are based on fear.  Fear of the unknown and a fear of change. If you want to become a VA in 2018, make the decision to make it happen, regardless of the fear mongers out there. If you want it to become your reality, step through your own fears and make it happen!

About Amanda Johnson and VACT logo - a company supporting those working as a Virtual AssistantHi, I am Amanda Johnson of VACT Limited, I’m a Virtual Assistant Coach, Trainer and Mentor offering a variety of courses and workshops, both free and paid to help both aspiring, new and experienced Virtual Assistants to launch, create and grow their own successful VA business

I am a military veteran, having served 23 years in the Royal Navy, married to Andrew (who is also a military veteran).  Andrew now runs his own business but also mum to 2 gorgeous little boys (James and Jacob) who run me ragged but teach me a lot of business lessons.  My life is a juggling act!

Amanda Johnson, VA Coach and Trainer, who runs Amanda and her family. Amanda runs Limited - a company that helps people working as a virtual assistant

VACT Limited was named as “The Best VA Training Provider in both 2016 and 2017” in the PA Assist Members Voice Awards.  I am passionate about “Creating Exceptional VA’s, so all of the VACT training courses and mentoring options, are designed to support and fit around you, your current work commitments, your individual circumstances including family commitments and your budget.

Amanda from VACT receive her Best VA Training Provider Award for the 2nd time in a row 2016/17

“I am at my happiest when I am inspiring, challenging and supporting others” (and there might be a bit of xxx kicking in there too!). But I am well known for my honest and direct approach to helping others.

Want to know more about becoming a VA – then please feel free to contact me by email at or visit our VACT website

You can also connect Amanda via VACT’s social spaces:

Facebook link  

Are you thinking about becoming a VA?

Please share your experiences or offer hints and tips to those trying to break into a career as a VA.

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The experience of job hunting after a 10 year gap

This is a repost of a LinkedIn article by Charley Brinton, founder of French & Flavour.

After 10 years out of a formal office job, I am job hunting and looking to move back into the workplace. I haven’t worked in a permanent position since I went on maternity leave with my daughter nearly 11 years ago, and it’s proving to be a very daunting task.

Since that time, I haven’t just been a stay at home mum. I’ve launched three of my own websites, worked for the family Digital Production company, taught myself a number of new skills, such as product photography and SEO, plus I’ve had a few small part-time jobs in retail and recruitment. It’s been a busy 10 years.

What job am I hunting for?

Previously finding a job wasn’t an issue. I was a Senior Account Manager in branding and marketing agencies. I knew how to do my role in my sleep, and recruiters and businesses knew what my skills should and would be. However it’s been a long time since I was in an agency fulfilling that role, and even though I know I could slip back into that very easily, I’m not sure recruiters feel the same.

You take one look at my CV today and I don’t slip into a nice neat package. Even I’m struggling to fit myself with any of the job descriptions that are coming my way. Do I do digital project management? Back to account management? Content creation and editing? Social media management?

I could design and build Shopify websites for small retailers and do their product photography. I can review websites and suggest better SEO. I could be a retail buyer, product manager, copywriter.

Where do I fit in?

I’ve somehow become a chameleon, which is great in many ways because being adaptable is vital in today’s world, but it doesn’t help me find an appropriate job and adds to the anxiety of re-entering the workplace after being a largely stay-at-home mum.

I know I would be an asset to any small business and start-ups, and I know I can fulfil many roles within larger, more established companies. However finding those companies that would appreciate my skill set isn’t that easy, and then add in a need for some flexibility so I can still collect my kids from school occasionally, feels like am I asking for the impossible.

So, what to do?

I know I’m far from the only mother with this predicament, so what’s the answer? Pick one skill and train in that? Start back at the bottom somewhere doing something completely new?

Either way, job hunting is harder than I expected, despite so much more support for mums heading back to work, better approaches to flexi-time, more part-time and home working opportunities.

I thought having varied skills would be of benefit, and showing that I haven’t just been a mum for 10 years would be a bonus, but I’m starting to realise its actually just confusing for people, not least of all, myself.’

How have you found job hunting after a break in your career?

Please share your comments about your return to work experiences.

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